Tourist information centre

Interesting information not only about the Zemplínske Hámre Educational Trail but also the Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area and its unique natural formations, flora and fauna you will learn in a newly built tourist information centre. The information centre is located in the end of village Zemplínske Hámre close to the quarry, directly at the crossroads of a walking route to Sninský kameň (mountain) and Morské oko (lake) and bicycle paths “Snina narrow-gauge railway”. In addition to providing free tourist information with us, you can arrange a tourist guide for Zemplínske Hámre Educational Trail or buy tourist maps, magnets and other souvenirs. Tourist Information Centre also provides the entrance to the exposition of mining in the replica of mining adit under the quarry.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Opening hours:

The tourist information centre is in winter period from 24th September 2015 to 1st April 2016 because of operational reasons closed. Information will be provided on the phone number or email address.


Location: Jozefa Rholla, Zemplínske Hámre
Correspondence address: Obec Zemplínske Hámre, Hlavná ulica 152/183, 067 77 Zemplínske Hámre
Specialized lecturer: Ing. Zuzana Burdová
Phone: +421 918 737 696